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May, 2020

Finding true rest in unprecedented times.

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Finding True Rest in Unprecedented Times

Hello Friends:

I hope you are doing well and resting in the Lord. This uncertain time has been a time of growth in faith. Regardless of the circumstances, we can rest in Him. He gives rest to all who come to Him (Matt 11:28-29), granting eternal life and rest of soul in times of trouble. Over the last few months, He has gently reminded me to rest in His everlasting arms. He is the sovereign Lord of the universe and we are secure in Him! Thus, we can rejoice knowing that trials produce endurance, character and a greater degree of trust in Him (James 1:2-4). When troubled, trust in Him (John 14:1)! I am sure many of you have testimonies of how the Lord has provided and how the Lord has given you rest! 

The Lord works all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). This trial has forced many of us into a “zooming” ministry that we had never anticipated. These hard times are God’s instrument for drawing souls to Himself. For example, a friend of mine, who I have been zooming with for a while, but ceased for a time, just emailed me. His words reflect true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! Other students are fearful, but also seeking their purpose in life. I can rejoice, knowing the Lord is drawing souls to Himself who had little or no interested in spiritual things just a short time ago. We will continue to meet with students online until things clear up. 

As you may know, we have been homeschooling for the last few months. The kids have just finished their school year and they have done well. It has been a blessing. They have also started to go back to Karate and they seem to enjoy it. Sarah is almost 11 months old. She is crawling and trying to talk. She has been doing well and will see the cardiologists in June. The doctors say she is doing very well, and confident that she will live a normal life. Thanks for the prayers and please continue to pray for her. Praise God that He answers prayer! Jenny has also finished teaching from home and is working on a grant. She was relieved when classes ended, but other duties take up much of her time and are stressful. But we are confident that the Lord will provide everything we need when we look to Him.

Please let us know if you have any prayer requests. We are praying for you that the Lord strengthen you and that you grow in your faith. May you know Him and His will.

God Bless you richly in Christ,

Adrian and Jenny 

Other Prayer items:

  1. Pray for our online Bible studies to be effective. Pray that more would join and come to the Lord. 

  2. Also, pray that our home study would resume soon. We are going to offer it online until we open our house again. 

  3. Pray for open doors with students and scholars in the fall. Currently, I have been praying on campus.

  4.  Pray that I would be a better husband and father. Jenny and I need continual wisdom on how to train our kids in the ways they should go. 

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