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Ministry Amidst COVID

October 7, 2020

Challenges and changes to the way we do ministry.

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Ministry Amidst COVID: News

Challenges and changes to the Ministry

Hello friends:

Thank you for your prayers! Here is a quick update.

First, praise the Lord that He is still in
control, working in these tough times. In light of the present circumstances, meeting new students has
been challenging. Nonetheless, the Lord has drawn some students to our Monday night English Bible
class from different countries from Asia and South America. Also, my focus has been in following up
with students and scholars, here and abroad. I will continue to meet with a scholar who has become a
believer and a few others who have gone back and expressed an interest to continue to meet online. Video
conferencing cannot replace physical interaction, but the Lord has opened up doors with students who
previously did not have the time to meet in person. I am also reminded that the most effective way to
reach students is to ask questions. This allows them to talk, and think through what they really believe.
During this process they discover that they do have faith in something (either themselves or some other
created thing). Then I have the opportunity to explain what it means to have faith in Christ. It has been a
good discipline to ask questions instead of always providing quick answers. This process allows them to
discover truth for themselves. It has been a blessing to see how the Lord has opened up hearts! Finally, I
have had good times seeking the Lord. I have been refreshed in His word and prayer and have had time to
prepare for future studies.

Also, our family has been doing well. Our boys are attending school and doing well academically
and socially. In addition, a friend of ours has been helping us watch the boys. He has been a great
blessing. He had hoped to go to Taiwan in August to minister through a church and improve his Mandarin
skills, but was prevented because of the virus. He is fluent in Chinese and even provides Chinese classes
for our boys! Sarah is also walking and full of energy! It is hard keeping up with her!
But also, we have had other family issues. First, my mother had fallen and broken her hip. She
was rushed to the hospital and had surgery a few days after her diagnosis. But the surgery went very well.
Currently, she is walking on her own, and is staying in an assisted living facility. Secondly, Jenny’s dad
also had heart surgery. He had 3 ½ stents placed in his coronary artery. Gratefully, he is also recovering
well. Finally, Jenny’s aunt had fallen on a hiking trip, breaking her bone in four places. She too is doing
well under the circumstances. Though there have been some struggles in our family, but also we have
witnessed God’s faithfulness to provide. Please pray for my mom, Jenny’s dad and aunt to recover well.
Thank you for your prayers! May the Lord richly bless you!

Adrian and Jenny

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for open doors with new students and contacts at UF.
2. Pray for fruitful online studies.
3. Continue to connect with others in ministry and pray with them.
4. Set apart more time for study.
5. Pray for my mother, Jenny’s dad and aunt’s to fully recover. But also pray for my mom to grow in
her faith. Also, pray that Jenny’s dad and aunt come to know the Lord.

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